Sinuous, also known as "Mr Jay Forbes" has been making music since 1995. He is a Emcee, Producer, and Mixing/Mastering Engineer. He is one of the first of 4 producers to start making Hip Hop beats in Santa Barbara. In a industry of cliche's, and recycled material, Sinuous brings his own original creative sound to the table. Although he keeps in tune with the Hip Hop elements of sampling from vinyl, he also plays multiple instruments and doesn't need to rely on loops, and samples for his production. He started out working with a group called the Dead I Click from 97-2001, then moved on to do solo work and projects with P-able from 2001-present. In 2005/2006 Sinuous and P-able got international distribution in Japan with the album “The Jazz Council”. The album sold out all copies printed and was considered a classic Jazz Hip Hop album overseas. Sinuous, then followed up that release with his “Street Musicians” release on vinyl, and it was distributed in Japan, and London…"Street Musicians" also sold out all copies printed. In 2009 he put together a live Jazz/Soul based band to perform with him at his live shows.


Sinuous recently released a free album called “Throwbacks” and will be releasing 2 official albums in 2011. “Vintage Voyage”, and “Needle 2 The Groove”. He is also doing a group album under the alias "Soul Suspects" with French producer Terem. Sinuous has done shows from San Francisco to LA, and rocked almost every club/stage in Santa Barbara. He has shared the stage with Rza, Slick Rick, Akil of Jurassic 5, Dj Muggs , KRS-1, Brother Ali, the list goes on. He was worked with Prince Po, Freestyle of The Arsonists, Wildchild, and more.


Exclusive track for the video of the episode #4 by frederic Louot OAOFB (film director)

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