Haling from Charlotte (NC, USA) MC Matthew Molecular aka Mattic, imposes himself with his proper style that reflects 90's old school hip hop. This king of rhymes and committed lyricist welcomes us into his miscelleanous universe. From «The Zookeepers» to «Mind Painter» not forgetting about «The Others», the US emcee of the famous Wax Tailor Crew brings the ruckus on wild featurings as we've recentlty discovered on Fantastic Planet video «Think 4 Yourself» where he shares the mic with his «Lil' Sis» Astrid Engberg!


In constant evolution, he's collaborating with many artists such as Johnny MADWRECK, MIGHTY DR (The Others), Jneiro Jarel (Fantastic JJ Project), Supastition (ind.), Catt MAGLE (the ZKPRZ), Liliwenn (Mind Painters), Astrid Engberg (BERRY WEIGHT), ASM (A State of Mind) and also with the French beat-makers of La Fine Equipe; with whom in March, he released the "Fantastic Planet LP". Always committed with lyrics tinted by his original touch and an old shool style that reminds us 'bout the good ol' days, Mr. Mattic still brings heat with his «B Sides & Rarities» collection entitled "Poltergeist Music", "Mattic invades Madlib", and he will release soon his awaiting solo album with The Artists of the Beautiful.


- 2003 THE OTHERS Plan B
- 2006 THE OTHERS Past Futuristic
- 2006 Wax Tailor Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies
- 2007 Wax Tailor Hope And Sorrow
- 2008 Johnny Madwreck The Last Detail
- 2008 FANTASTIC JJ PROJECT (mixtape)
- 2009 ZKPRZ Zoo Parking
- 2009 Wax Tailor In The Mood For Life
- 2010 MATTIC Poltergeist Music
- 2010 MATTIC Live From The Attic
- 2010 Wax Tailor Live AL' Olymipa
- 2011 Darkside Of The Planet
- 2011 Mattic Invades Madlib
- 20 Mattic Around The Day In 80 Worlds
- 20 ZKPRZ Zoo Parking 2

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