La Fine Equipe (made up of its four members Blanka, Oogo, Mr Gib and Chomsky) originate from Paris and Marseille. They’ve been tearing up the turntables since 2001 with their weekly live concerts and radio shows on stations such as Radio Campus Paris, Radio Galère, Radio Grenouille and Radio Star.


The four members, all with a background as either musicians or engineers, set up their studio in Paris at the LFE studio and 1 2 pass it. They've produced records for a number of rapper-singers, and have recorded, mixed and mastered albums for other artists such as Mister Modo, Wax Tailor, Onra, Quetzal and Yann Kesz.


They released their first instrumental album "La Boulangerie" in July 2008, on the label Just Like, in partnership with Radio Nova and French record store Fnac. It was a project that brought together the new wave of French beatmakers, such as Mr Modo, Onra and Creestal, and created a subtle mix of soul, jazz, rock and reggae samples, reworked in the avant-garde style of J Dilla and Madlib. The album very quickly became known in industry circles, and was widely broadcast on radio and television. The year after its release, the group performed their album to a number of live audiences at venues such as Nouveau Casino, Bellevilloise, Glaz'Art and Batofar.


Spurred on by the acclaim that followed, La Fine Equipe undertook a number of projects, including setting up their own label “Nowadays Records” and producing a new album, “Fantastic Planet”, with Mattie (the American MC from Wax Tailor) and Astrid Engberg (the Danish singer from Berry Weight).

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