Brest, with 210,000 inhabitants and made up of 8 districts, is a seaside city that acts as the anchor for western Brittany. It sits at the heart of a wider urban area with 300,000 inhabitants across 90 districts.

Brest, with its deep and well-protected harbour, was founded in the 17th Century and has played an important role in military life ever since.


Brest’s original raison d'être also proved to be its downfall when the city was besieged in September 1944. Largely rebuilt after the war, Brest is now a large industrial university city, with a pleasant environment, agreeable climate and low levels of pollution that certainly make it an enjoyable place to live.

Despite being seemingly at the edge of the world, hospitality is a way of life here. As the expression goes, you don't go through Brest, you go to Brest. And when you go there, you can submerge yourself in its history, explore its culture and revel in its nightlife. When you look around you and breathe in the surrounding air, you know without doubt that you’re beside the sea. This maritime location, with its extraordinary natural scenery, offers a thousand different places to stroll around, visit and discover.



Visitors from all over the world have always come to this city at the extreme western tip of France, whether by land or by the immense Atlantic Ocean on which Brest lies. So it's hardly surprising that the people of Brest still maintain their famously welcoming nature.


If you've already bought your return ticket, don't bank on using it. After spending several days around the little-known delights of the city, with its sea air filling up your senses, you might well follow many of those who’ve gone before you, and forget that you ever intended to leave…




Brest is now increasingly well-connected to the rest of the world - it has an international airport, non-toll motorway connections to Paris and Nantes, a direct high-speed train route to the capital, and ferries sailing daily to the UK.


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