It was a few years back that long time friends Nicky Beats and Bobby Famoso began experimenting and collaborating on music of their own. Since then, the two have grown immensely as artists.
Along the way, Bobby Famoso had crossed paths with Freddy the Barber whom he had known for years. Little did he know, just a few blocks down the street Freddy the Barber and Prime Music were heavy into the hip hop culture as well. Freddy the Barber had been spending hours upon hours practicing and studying the art of turntablism. Prime Music had been making noise of his own as one of the top producers in Orange County.
Shortly after the 4 were acquainted, they came together to form the group known as GOOOD! To no surprise, the friendship and the music come naturally. The combination of Bobby Famoso’s lyricism over a funky Nicky Beats track or a soulful Prime beat is what makes their sound so refreshing and captivating to listeners.


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Crimes of Minds, le livre
Plaquette CoM
Cette plaquette contient toutes les adresses du parcours de fresques Crimes of Minds. Vous pouvez également les trouver en version papier à l'Office de Tourisme ainsi que dans le hall d'accueil de la mairie de la Ville de Brest.
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