Berry Weight are a form of musical space capsule filled with all the melodies that have ever held a place in our minds. Like shooting stars they are fired towards a limitless future before returning to the present day, transformed with a smorgasbord of organic and electronic sounds. And the cosmonauts whose creative minds gave lift off to Berry Weight’s music? Producer-DJs Apewok and Stab.


Berry Weight work between Apewok’s secret base in Montréal and Stab’s hideout in Neuchâtel. Their sounds float across the vast ocean that separates Canada and Switzerland, combining to create the music of their shared vision. Their creations are flung across a digital canvas as though in a particle accelerator. Berry Weight transcend the boundaries of physics - they are both nowhere and everywhere at the same time.


Berry Weight went a step further, producing an album of extra-terrestrial, childlike music - lively and spontaneous, with a soft authenticity and both urban and ethereal sounds. Between the long nights in the studios, the album slowly began to see the light of day, before being launched into orbit in 2009. It was preceded by a video première, "Equations", directed by Mathieu Foucher. Berry Weight put their work into an extra-terrestrial realm by breaking down sounds and letting melodies and omnipresent beats flow through their music. et

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Cette plaquette contient toutes les adresses du parcours de fresques Crimes of Minds. Vous pouvez également les trouver en version papier à l'Office de Tourisme ainsi que dans le hall d'accueil de la mairie de la Ville de Brest.
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