Pierre Jampy (Paris) - Guest on "Crimes of Sounds" session - June 2011

film Director of the video clip "Crime of Mind" with Mattic & The Artists of the Beautiful

Young, talented director Pierre Jampy has being working for three years at MK2, filming concerts, reports, interviews and institutional films. Through his work, he has met artists from throughout the entire world - Juliette Binoche, Ayo, Aki Kaurismaki, Wax Tailor, Gus Van Sant, Mos Def, Michy Green and the Wu Tang Clan to name but a few. These kind of exchanges have given a huge boost to both his professional and personal development.


Since then, Pierre has directed a number of making-of documentaries for feature-length films and music albums and HD film recordings of Wax Tailor concerts, as well as a documentary following a year of their world tour. He has criss-crossed France and the rest of Europe on tour buses, visiting festivals such as Francosfollies, Garorock, Musilac, and Les Arènes de Nimes.


With each of his films, Pierre has developed his ability to capture the expertise and the talent of the people that cross the path of his camera.


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