OAOFB (Paris) : Guest - Episode #4

OAOFB history :
• 2003 – Founding of the Raz de Marée Cinéma association : live video captures and artistic productions.
• 2007 – The birth of “OAOFB” and our concept : meet individual's and businesses audiovisual needs.
• 2010 – OAOFB incorporates CAE CLARA : gathering of various entrepreneurs from artistic and cultural fields.
• Today, OAOFB is a start-up with a large network of professionals in the audiovisual field.


Frederic Louot and Xavier Garcette are the founders and managers of OAOFB. They are both passionate and competent thirty-year old guys. Frederic, filmmaker, is the Artistic Director and the Technical Manager. Xavier, Director of Communications, is in charge of commercial development and marketing.


Available and flexible, a light or a large crew of qualified people is always there to assist us (operators, make-up artists, actors, steadycam operators, set designers, editors, graphic designers...)
We work closely with service providers and rental companies which allows us to offer the most recent and diverse equipment (BetaCam, HD, broadcast, and of course digital movie cameras like 5d, 7d and RED...).
Finally, a post-production company suitable for every broadcasting need: DVD, web, TV, large projection, smartphones and numeric pads programs.



Translation : OAOFB


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