Liliwenn originates from the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean, a place that can often seem much like the edge of the world. She is a pure paradox, an artist made entirely of contrasts and contradictions. This can be seen in her artwork which is at once torturous and utopian, wild and serene, whilst remaining assured and resilient.


She has worked with artists from a number of different countries. Music is a fundamental part of her life, and she also frequently works with musicians like Mattic (Wax Tailor crew & The Others), Berry Weight and ASM, who she collaborated with on their latest video. In 2009, she was spotted by a brand of street wear clothing based in Bristol, and worked with them on the launch of a limited edition clothing line that included the famous painting “The Little Girl”. In 2010, her local council called upon her to design a huge mural to be painted across an entire apartment block, before, several months later she set up the “Crimes of Minds” project, aiming to inform, develop and push the boundaries of street art.


She is enthusiastic about discovering and sharing new things, and has taken part in a number of underground and street art events, such as Mutate Britain (London), Meeting of Styles (Buenos Aires), Upfest (Bristol) and Vitryjam (Paris). She has also showcased her work in both collective and individual exhibitions in England, France, Spain and Italia, most notably the Palais d’Iéna in Paris. Her work has been published in a number of magazines and websites across many different countries, and has also appeared in several books. Liliwenn is an artist who takes pleasure in breaking down borders and boundaries, flavouring the freedom and visceral emotion of her work with a pinch of dreamlike poetry.







Appearence in "40 Street Artists au Carré" - January 2010

Author : Chrixcel  

100 pages

Editor : Kawa Editions




Appearance in "Vitry vit le Street Art" - May 2011

22 x 22 cm, 108 pages

Writer : Juliette Rouly

Photographers : Brigitte Silhol & Nath Oxygène

Preface writer : C215

Editor : Critères

Disponible chez Critères Editions
Crimes of Minds, le livre
Plaquette CoM
Cette plaquette contient toutes les adresses du parcours de fresques Crimes of Minds. Vous pouvez également les trouver en version papier à l'Office de Tourisme ainsi que dans le hall d'accueil de la mairie de la Ville de Brest.
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