Fin D.A.C. hails from Ireland but has lived the majority of his life in London. His influences range from dark graphic novels through to the works of Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock.


He is a regular at urban art exhibitions and events, where he has painted/exhibited alongside respected artists such as Nick Walker, Goldie, Jamie Reid, Jef Aerosol and C215.


His intricate and delicate stencil style coupled with a unique 'spitting style' paint technique sets him apart from other artist of his ilk and enables his work to transcend the normally trodden path of a street artist. In his short urban art career (3 years) he has scaled such heights as having his work featured at The Royal Albert Hall and The Victoria & Albert Museum, been touted as one of the countries 'emerging artists' by The Radisson Edwardian Group and has undertaken hugely successful commissions for global brand names such as Armani, Kent Cigarettes and The Morgans Hotel Group.



He challenges himself, the work he produces and his place in the urban art scene by allowing his work to evolve with integrity but without consideration of its context within the scene itself.






Appearance in "Vitry vit le Street Art" - May 2011

22 x 22 cm, 108 pages

Writer : Juliette Rouly

Photographers : Brigitte Silhol & Nath Oxygène

Preface writer : C215

Editor : Critères

Disponible chez Critères Editions
Crimes of Minds, le livre
Plaquette CoM
Cette plaquette contient toutes les adresses du parcours de fresques Crimes of Minds. Vous pouvez également les trouver en version papier à l'Office de Tourisme ainsi que dans le hall d'accueil de la mairie de la Ville de Brest.
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