Jef Aérosol was part of the first generation of French street artists in the early 1980s, along with the likes of Epsylon Point, Speedy Graphito, Mesnager, Miss Tic and Blek.


He has been painting on the walls of cities such as Paris, Lille, Chicago, London and Venice for 25 years, and his work has been shown at a number of individual and collective exhibitions. He was the cover artist for the first book about stencil art ever to be published, “Vite Fait, Bien Fait” (Alternatives, 1986). He also gave the book its title, which translates as “Done Fast, Done Well”. Jef is also a musician, and has played and recorded with several artists including Windcatchers, Open Road and Distant Shores. He is also the brainchild behind “Dites33”, a collection of vinyl sleeve designs that pays homage to the 33 RPM vinyl.


Jef Aérosol brought out a book, “VIP Very Important Pochoirs” (“VIP Very Important Stencils”), published by Alternatives Editions, Paris in 2007.


Full of emblematic characters, symbols of a generation, rock icons, significant writers and cult actors and actresses, this book is a gallery of portraits of the men and women who have had or continue to have a certain importance for Jef Aérosol and indeed for many of us. From giant canvas images to life-size portraits on walls, Jef’s powerfully meaningful stencils have the power to evoke memories and stir emotions.


His work is a lively combination of celebrities and more obscure personalities taken from French and Anglo-American culture, including comments and captions in French and English. Each image is undersigned by his trademark second signature, a mysterious red arrow.

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"Very Important Pochoirs" - March 2007

144 pages

Editions Alternatives




"Jef Aérosol : Risque de rêves" - October 2010

Writer : Patrick Le Fur

Artist : Jef Aerosol

58 pages

Editeur : Critères Editions

Collection : Opus Délits

Paul Stairmand Translations
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