Celeste Java is an artist from Brittany.From this country of legends and dreams, she has kept the taste of mystery, dark forests, deep waters and onirism. Hoping to recall to the greatest number this capacity of amazement children have, far from every day mercantilism imposed by our current society, she turned to the street naturally,not forgetting her work in her workshop. Whatever the frontiers, dreaming is a universal language, which everybody can make his or her...






Appearance in "Vitry vit le Street Art" - May 2011

22 x 22 cm, 108 pages

Writer : Juliette Rouly

Photographers : Brigitte Silhol & Nath Oxygène

Preface writer : C215

Editor : Critères

Disponible chez Critères Editions
Crimes of Minds, le livre
Plaquette CoM
Cette plaquette contient toutes les adresses du parcours de fresques Crimes of Minds. Vous pouvez également les trouver en version papier à l'Office de Tourisme ainsi que dans le hall d'accueil de la mairie de la Ville de Brest.
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